Valentine’s Menu

                                                                        Valentine menu
Three courses Including a bottle of sparkling rose  for only £59.95

Minestrone soup
Traditional Homemade vegetable soup served with homemade bread.

Funghi Ripieni
Breaded mushroom filled with ricotta spinach, parmesan cheese and served with garlic  mayonnaise.

Gamberoni Piccante
King prawn cooked with garlic, chilli, olive oil and cherry tomatoes. Served on homemade garlic bread.

Selection of Italian meat, baby mozzarella,artichock and served with homemade bread.

Italian Broad Beans Fritters
Homemade, Pan fried Broad beans fritters, served with our special Salsa.

                                                             Main course
Lamb Shanks
Marinated lamb shanks,cooked with tomato,red wine sauce and served with mush potatos.

Mix Grill (For 2 people)
Selection of meat(chicken breast,filet steak,pork loin,pork liver) served with roasted vegetables Or Gratinated potatoes.

Insalata Paradiso
Ice berg, cucamber,tomato,pepers, and topped with deep fried breaded mozzarella,gorgonzola bree cheese and breaded mushrooms. dressed with yougort dresing.

Mix Fish Plater (for 2 people)
Oven backed Seabass,Rainbow Trout,King prawn,salmon and calamari rings served with white dill sauce. served with roasted vegetables Or Granitated potatoes.

Grilled Chicken Breast
Charlgrill,Marinated chicken breast,topped with roasted peppers, mushrooms and served with roasted vegetables Or Granitated potatoes.
Pizza d’Amore
Make your Hart style pizza with your three choise of the pizza topping.

Cuori Rossi
Hart red shape Ravioli, filled with buffalo mozzarella,tomatto and basil.served with tomatto suace,basil and tuch of cream.
Original, Banana Tiramisu
Homemade Strawberry cheesecake
Gelato fritto
served with mix berries